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KICKer Upgrade: Enhancing Classification Even Further

KICKer is being actively used in our projects, therefore, we’ve been constantly working on expanding its functionality. Here are the latest key updates that help us significantly speed up the classification process:  Use with all Classification Systems KICKer can now be used to classify items using different classification systems. We expanded its standards base by […]

RDS-PP implementation statistics 1-40
RDS-PP Implementation Milestones

Keel has reached a milestone of implementing the RDS-PP T32 standard for more than 10 000 wind turbine generators with a total capacity of over 30 GW.  What does this mean? Simply put, this supply is enough to provide energy to over 4 million households. What’s in it for the businesses? The enterprises benefit from […]

Regulatory Compliance in the Oil & Gas Industry

By Vitalii Yeliashevskyi, Senior Engineer Many companies operating on a global scale or those wanting to move their offshore units between countries, are confounded by a variety of regional regulations and standards which have significantly increased over the recent years. This is especially a matter of concern for petroleum companies since the industry standards as […]

Why Implementing RDS-PP Standards Lowers Wind Turbine Operations and Maintenance Cost

RDS-PP is the preferred system for wind energy, but a lot of wind turbine operators aren’t using it yet. As wind is a relatively new source of energy, wind turbine assets are often mapped according to older standards designed for more traditional energy sources.  However, the wind energy market is expanding. According to the WWEA, […]

Contingency plan
Contingency Plan by Keel

By Iryna Kulnych Skovgaard, Information Security Officer On the 13’th of March the World Health Organization (WHO) categorized the COVID-19 virus as a Pandemic, a global medical bio emergency, making most businesses, its employees and their families vulnerable to the effects of the virus. That led to lock down of countries, quarantine and social distancing, […]

International Women’s Day in the Wind Energy Industry

“In a rapidly changing world, the more companies look like the societies they intend to serve, the better their choices and decision-making” Isabelle Kocher, CEO of Engie March 8th is International Women’s Day, celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The holiday was ideated at the first International Socialist Women’s Conference in […]

master data enrichment
Tools and Loose Equipment Master Data Enrichment Project

In the era of big data, companies are trying to make optimum use of their equipment. This entails having full control over the workbench and taking a holistic approach towards its management. However, the transition to fully transparent and effective asset control is usually quite cumbersome and requires detailed inspection and data analysis and is, […]

ISO 27001 certification at Keel Solution
ISO 27001 Certification

By Iryna Kulnych Skovgaard, Information Security Officer We are proud to announce that we have been ISO 27001:2013 certificated and thus live up to the Information Security Management System requirements, after we have been audited by accredited certification body Bureau Veritas. At Keel we have always taken our customers data very seriously and have provided […]

SAP Innovation Awards 2020 Keel Solution Aps Digital Certificate
Keel Nominated for the 2020 SAP Innovation Awards

Keel is proud to announce that we have been nominated for the 2020 SAP Innovation Awards. Our AI- and ML- based product, Keel Intelligent Classification Kit (KICKer), was developed to automate materials classification according to any desired classification standard in the SAP system.  Learn more about our innovation story: Keel Intelligent Classification Kit (KICKer). This […]

Keel Solution - ecl@ss preferred partner
Keel Solution – ecl@ss Preferred Partner

Keel Solution has partnered with eCl@ss and is now an authorized service provider.  eCl@ss is an international classification system containing product classes for all industries. Adoption of this standard gives companies a competitive advantage by facilitating procurement and data management processes, in its turn making the business more open for cooperation on international and cross-sector […]


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