SAP Basis Services

Merging your ERP with SAP is the right decision, however, this tandem must be customized and well-maintained for you to get the most out of it.

SAP landscape is a complex entity that combines various units of business functioning responsible for different procedures, e.g., material management, manufacturing and shipping control. SAP environment encompasses all of the organizational information with its attributes making it easy to access the necessary information within a fraction of a second.

Our professional SAP technical support services entail shaping your system in a way that it functions seamlessly and is comfortable to the end-users.  We make sure that your system deploys the latest SAP inventions to work to the highest efficiency possible.

The flip side of this inevitably implies a thorough constant analysis and program customization, which our professionals are ready to help you with. Whenever a system failure occurs, we will analyze the system inaccuracies, elaborate the most suitable solution for it, providing you with the possibility to run your system smoothly and effectively. Intermittent issues arise in any system and it’s impossible to predict and eradicate all of them. However, being prepared for all eventualities by doing constant maintenance checks helps to alleviate, if not fully prevent, downtime.

Our engineers have extensive hands-on experience in working with various SAP products, so they have developed a tried-and-tested framework of dealing with different case scenarios of SAP landscape management. Keel team has been successfully providing SAP migration and SAP update services while making sure the business runs continuously as we do our job.

SAP Technical Services by Keel Solution

From the moment you start deploying SAP Business Suite, you and your staff should know exactly what to do, meaning your ERP should run like a clock and be fully prepared for future development. While abrupt changes may cost you a fortune and some are impossible to predict, most future changes can be well foreseen by simply adjusting your ERP system to fully match your business needs. It provides you with a clear overview and real-time access to the data analysis.

Our technicians help adjust the SAP system to meet specific customer needs. Our SAP technical services include:

  • Environment architecture organization. We analyze the resources needed at present and customize the SAP landscape, leaving room for the future resources that will become necessary as they accompany business growth.
  • User management. Each user must be assigned to a certain role with its associated duties. Prevention of workflow standstill is possible if new employees swiftly take up their responsibilities being provided with the detailed job description.
  • SAP transportation management. We carefully examine the transport requirements and operate its logistics.
  • Background job scheduling. Low priority functions should be designated in the program to work seamlessly, allowing for more resources to be allocated to more important tasks.
  • SAP Monitoring. By keeping track of the system performance, i.e. reviewing logs and traces, our administrators can well mitigate if not fully prevent possible system issues. By doing this you can most easily progress.
  • Technical infrastructure upgrades. Constant SAP updates offer more and more advanced features, introducing more and more cutting-edge products. Therefore, it is beneficial to update your system to reap all of the benefits of digital reality.
  • Data safety. Our engineers back up and test the data on a regular basis. This is done in order to be on the safe side and quickly recover data in case of the system breakdown.

By means of outsourcing SAP Technical Services to Keel Solution, you will be able to significantly cut costs and have everything done by certified SAP technicians without compromising quality.

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