Regulation & Compliance Maintenance Services

Rest assured that the maintenance strategy of your enterprise functionality is tuned to the regulatory requirements

Being overwhelmed by the plethora of different regulations required for each functional unit, you might find yourself at a crossroads not knowing where to start your standards abidance. With solid experience in providing compliance maintenance services and a solid knowledge of the regulatory systems, our technicians can provide you with the help you might fall short of.

As you might already know,  it’s highly important to meet the law reinforced demands, otherwise noncompliance may threaten with big penalties, staff injuries, and even production shutdown.

Compliance Matrix

In order to ensure that all the entities are up to the regulatory standards, meaning they do not pose any harm to the people and the environment, we follow a compliance matrix which is put together after a precise analysis of:

  • Relevant industry international legislation which is applicable to each physical asset.
  • Health / Safety / Environment regulations.
  • Regulatory requirements of the classification societies and flag administrations..
  • Geography related requirements. The same assets may  have different requirements depending on their location.

Benefits of Compliance Matrix:

  1. Simplified analysis of the business process;
  2. Optimization of maintenance and its alignment with the regulations;
  3. Clear and well-implemented compliance matrix to maintenance activities reduces risk of having downtime caused by not issuing AoC by regulatory organisations (e.g PSA).

Compliance Gap Analysis

We assess all of your production facilities and carefully sift through our findings to identify the operations and maintenance approaches that do not comply with the regulatory standards. By doing so, we eliminate the potential risks of hazardous occurrences you have been unaware of. The inspection is performed in a highly confidential manner and all of the reports and improvement suggestions are not to be shared with third parties.

Our Compliance Gap Analysis includes:

  • Identification of discrepancies between the current maintenance approach and the Compliance Matrix;
  • Determination of the missing measures.
  • Provision of the recommendations.

Implementation of our recommendations makes you able to:

  • Avoid costs and noncompliance penalties;
  • Ensure equipment safety and operational readiness;
  • Keep track of the equipment maintenance sequence;
  • Meet standards requirements (ISO, OHS).

Our experience

  • Work with the following standards: International conventions and regulations (EU, ILO, CAA, WHO), International Maritime Organisation (incl. MODU, SOLAS, LSA, FSS, MARPOL, ISM, ISPS,  IMO Resolutions and Circulars ), Classification societies (ABS, DNV, Lloyds), Flag administrations (Singapore, Liberia, Panama and Vanuatu), Coastal state (Norway, Denmark, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Brazil) and other.
  • Creation of a compliance matrix for an onshore facility;
  • Compliance assurance of maintenance for 4 Drillships,16 Jackup rigs, 4 Semisubmersibles;
  • GAP analysis between maintenance and legislative requirements for 4 Drillships,16 Jackup rigs, 4 Semisubmersibles, and Onshore oil production facility.

Regulation reinforced maintenance brings a lot of perks to the enterprise and its neglection is eventually sure to draw negative consequences and adverse ramifications. However complicated it might seem, it becomes completely straightforward with the professional help. That’s where Keel Solution can well come into play.

Read more about our maintenance strategies.

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