RDS-PP (Reference Designation System for Power Plants)

Designation for each wind turbine component is critical for streamlining operations at wind power plants throughout their lifecycle

RDS-PP Importance in the Windpower Industry

RDS-PP (Reference Designation System for Power Plants) is the designation language which is applied in the wind industry worldwide. Today, most modern wind farms are looking to align with this system, due to Machinery Directive ISO 81346. RDS-PP is a systematic plant designation that has been developed for the efficient construction, operation, and maintenance of wind power plants. Application guideline Part 32 is designed specifically to fill gaps in international designation systems for wind-based electricity generation plants.

During the lifecycle of a wind power plant, different people work on the same component. Therefore, it is essential to provide a designation for each component which is unique during its lifetime, including planning phase, engineering, procurement, erection, commissioning, documentation, operation and maintenance.

RDS-PP is a powerful and versatile way to create equipment hierarchies, design and develop wind farms, and create a simplified, ready-to-use structural hierarchy. The designation according to RDS-PP is carried out in a hierarchical structure, starting with a complete wind power plant and ending, e.g. with a single circuit breaker in a control cabinet.

It has to be taken into consideration that each hierarchical level (group of systems, system, group of elements, element) represents a separate object. It gets its own designation which is delivered from the higher designation level.

The object itself and its hierarchical level can be easily identified with the help of its designation.

RDS-PP uses a prefix-based classification system to classify objects such as:

  • Equipment and materials
  • Documents
  • Terminals
  • Signals

In addition, RDS-PP standardization simplifies communication with third party and outsourced companies, helps boost business intelligence, and shortens training time for new workers.

Our experience

Keel has been working with the RDS-PP implementation with major market players since 2015, providing its customers with effective solutions including offshore services. We are a member of FTUG group (Fast Track User Group) which helps us meet the needs of each client in a significantly faster manner.

RDS-PP service specification:

Read more about our RDS-PP and ERP services:

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