Materials Master Data Governance

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Materials Master Data Governance is one of the most challenging domains within Master Data. Delays in material processing may be disastrous if warehouse managers can’t process the order in a timely manner. As it always is with ERP, any delay may result in penalties, financial losses and manufacturing interruption. Moreover, according to multiple studies by PricewaterhouseCoopers, enterprises that have clearly distributed the responsibilities within their ERP system have shown significantly more efficient work management and less expenditure.

Different companies have different ways of organizing their work. Even within one enterprise different methods and softwares may be deployed. For example, ERP system and software for warehouse procurement oftentimes have inconsistent data. This can even prevent ordering services from 3PL companies due to the unclear information.

The key to well-organized supply chain is in the unified and consistent materials master data across the whole company. This entails a single collection of data efficiently used in various applications for different purposes, e.g., transportation, procurement, material planning, etc. In addition, adoption of materials master data governance facilitates material managing process for international companies so they can rely on a single source of information.

We execute governance according to the workflow, which in its turn controls the lifecycle of material info records. At different stages of workflow we perform different actions:

  • Creation – putting the relevant information into the database
  • Update – when the master data is changed
  • Substitution – when a new version of a material is available

Keel Solution has experience in helping companies improve their warehouse conditions by introducing them to Materials Master Data Governance. Regardless the type of software used in your ERP system, we will create correct metadata for all of your master data and design a maintenance process for you to keep your supply chain up to scratch.

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