ERP and CMMS support services

Save on maintenance by ensuring high data quality in any CMMS and ERP system

Keeping CMMS/ERP data well-organized and up-to-date allows to ensure asset safety and maximize its performance while bringing down the cost.

Our approach

Keel provides ERP/CMMS support services for all types of data management applications, including SAP, IFS, STAR, etc.

We support and consult our customers on all stages of ERP/CMMS management:

  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Migration
  • Maintenance and Governance

Over the last 15 years, we have accumulated core domain knowledge of the Oil And Gas and Wind Energy sector that we now use in all our CMMS support services. Combining industry domain knowledge and comprehensive IT tools and experts, we ensure that our customers’ CMMS is up to date. This helps stakeholders in daily operation and helps to perform analysis and make strategic decisions.

Within the Asset Operational Life Cycle, the data goes through a number of changes, modifications and upgrades. It is important to keep track of those changes and update CMMS correspondingly. Such updates are:

  • Installation of new or decommission existing Equipment
  • Spare part updates due to logistic needs
  • Drawing and Technical documentation update 
  • Update of PM program due to legal requirements or RCM studies
  • Optimization of Work Load and Campaign Maintenance

During ERP/CMMS setup or maintenance, we create or update:

  • Asset register
  • Bill of Materials
  • PM Program
  • Work orders
  • Functional location structure
  • Maintenance documentation

Keel checks the data quality that is stored and uploaded into the ERP/CMMS and makes sure that it meets the necessary standards. We also perform the criticality analysis based on the historical data.

Applying Machine Learning to ERP/CMMS

In Keel, we have developed ML&AI-based data classification software to help us streamline our data collection and classification processes. Our solution is universal and can be used in many data management systems. Thanks to quick and error-free results, our customers benefit from:

  • 60% cost reduction;
  • 87% manual tasks automation;
  • 82% productivity increase.

Additional services

If necessary, we additionally provide on-site inspections to ensure that CMMS/ERP reflects the actual condition of equipment and inventory. This data further helps us to optimize and extend the asset lifecycle by choosing the most appropriate maintenance strategy: 

  • Risk-based inspection (RBI); 
  • Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM);
  • Fitness for service (FFS);
  • Preventive Maintenance.


  • Optimized maintenance cost
  • Eliminated equipment downtime
  • Transparent business processes
  • Enhanced ROI

ERP and CMMS Service Specification

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