Maximize Efficiency with our ISO 14224 services

Written by Vitalii Yeliashevskyi

In today’s complex energy sector, implementation of reliability industry standards is not just a good practice; it’s a necessity.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, such as ISO 14224, play a pivotal role in ensuring reliability, safety, and efficiency. At Keel Solutions, we specialize in helping organizations benefit from implementation ISO standards, making implementation clear, understandable and turning it into a strategic advantage. 

Implementation Principles 

Before we delve into the benefits of our implementation approach, let’s briefly touch upon the key implementation principles that guide our approach: 

  • Initial data analysis 
    Our engineers start with initial data analysis and define key milestones, points of attention, available data, process improvements and potential gaps. This step save’s costs, reveal potential risks and mitigation measures. 
  • Implementation of data consistency and quality standards 
    Data integrity is paramount. We ensure that data quality is ingrained right from the beginning of the process, moreover we ensure that there are no meta duplication. 
  • Data structuring 
    Asset data will be structured in easy and understandable manner, having all process indicators and key elements in place, so every stakeholder will benefit easy accessible data. 
  • Smooth implementation 
    It is not a secret that technical personal does not like changes in the usual work process, often wise implementation fail only due to the poor change management processes. Here at Keel, we propose optimal way of implementation highlighting all possible stoppers, discussions with onsite personnel, providing training procedures and onsite personnel training. 

Benefits of Keel Solution Services 

Honesty is one our key values in providing services, we always tell things how they are without pink glasses or vain efforts, providing required and additional consultations, highlighting potential pros and cons of every decision during the project phase. 

Our services enable’s failure data collection with further equipment reliability analysis so you can optimize your maintenance strategy, identify failure patterns hence improve reliability and uptime of your equipment.  

You’ll benefit from data integrity, ensuring data is in correct place, collected in proper manner, classified, and organized consistently, making decision-making processes transparent and smooth which make’s data sharing across teams more efficient. Say goodbye to data-related bottlenecks and welcome streamlined operations. 

Keel Solutions is your trusted partner asset digitalization journey of complex energy sector world. 

Simplify, standardize, and succeed with Keel Solution by your side. 

We are ready to help!

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Maximize Efficiency with our ISO 14224 services
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