About Keel

Keel offers consultancy and mobility solutions to companies in the Energy Sector within the field of asset data management

Keel helps companies optimize technical data concerning rigs, vessels, wind turbines and other technical installations. We use specially developed IT tools to collect, cleanse, classify, optimize and structure technical asset data, before it is synchronized with the customer’s own business data in their Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) such as SAP, Maximo, and IFS.

We are hybrid of a Technical Services company, and engineering consultancy company and an IT company. This combination ensures that we have the sufficient hands-on expertise about maintenance in asset-intensive industries to develop customized tools data management suited for the field worker – and to provide high-end consultancy about maintenance planning and master data management in the Energy Sector.


Keel Solution works mainly for companies in the Energy Sector helping them with compliance, optimization and maintenance of asset data.

Our products are tailored to global companies that build, own and/or operate large technical installations, especially mobile offshore drilling rigs.

We operate wherever the customer is, and we cooperate with selected partners all over the world. This enables us to offer our customers a premium service that complies with all relevant international standards.

  • We have in-depth knowledge of equipment and maintenance procedures in the Offshore Energy Sector, Oil & Gas, and Marine.
  • We use unique, customized software on industrial mobile devices for data collection complying with international standards.
  • We offer a turnkey solutions: full service, from the on-site inspection and registration to the back-office processing of asset data.

Research and Development

We are constantly seeking to develop and improve our services. We do this through testing, researching and refining.

Keel is in close contact with the industry, our customers and our partners. We are also monitoring research and interesting development in all related areas and industries.

We are in contact with the academic world in order to benefit from the newest ideas and research. Therefore, we are also very interested in cooperating with professors, PhD’s and students who would like to do research within our field of work.

Please contact us if you would like to hear more about what we do, we are very interested in hearing about your work.


Our Values

Our core values reflect what identifies us and makes us stand out as a company. But it also underlines, how we create value for our customers.

Specialist Knowledge

We are specialists. We specialize in the Energy Sector, particularly offshore units. Our IT tools are customized for this industry, and our services are targeted to solve specific problems. We train and support our people to become specialists in their field. We see ourselves as experts and want our customers to perceive us as such.


We go where our customers need us to go. Working in the global Energy Sector takes place all over the world, and we are ready to go, wherever we are needed. Mobility also characterizes the mindset we have when approaching new challenges and creating innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Oil under our Nails

We are focused on fixing problems where they occur. Even though we work with solving complex issues with data, IT and engineering, we also go out in the field and get our hands dirty. Our engineers and consultant move easily from the office desk to the top of an offshore windmill, from the corporate meeting room to the driller’s doghouse. Our hands-on approach makes us different.

Reducing Complexity

Reducing complexity is an end goal in all activity we undertake, and it is an important element in all the services we perform for our customers. We work with complex technical installations, and our job is to help our customers get the overview and control they need to run a smooth operation.


Enterprise Asset Management

  • Average size of Assets managed : 50.000 Maintainable Objects
  • Average number of material masters managed (per asset) : 30.000+
  • Average Document library size : 30 Gb
  • Drawings verified per asset:  1500+
  • Avg. Drawings updated per year: 1000+
  • Avg. Drawings created per year: 500+

Asset Integrity Services

  • Electrical equipment inspections (average per year) – 18.000+
  • Defects of electrical equipment reported (average per year) – 2000+
  • Hydraulic hose inspections (average per year) – 23.000+
  • Defects of hydraulic hoses reported (average per year) – 1500+ (50% of hose inspections were done on new facilities)
  • Hoses replaced (average per year) – 2.000+


Christian D. Grahn

CEO, Partner

Elshad Yunusov

COO, Partner Managing Director,


Yaroslav  Zherebetskyy

CTO, Partner

Halyna Cherniavska

General Manager

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