Manpower: Ex Inspections & Maintenance

Keel has developed an customized turnkey solution to manage explosion-proof electrical equipment on technical assets in the Energy Sector

The risk of explosion occurs in certain industries due to the presence of explosive materials, often termed “hazardous areas”. To prevent explosions, several types of protection measures are adopted while designing products for use in such hazardous areas. Such equipment are labelled explosion-proof equipment.

Maintenance of explosion-proof electrical equipment (Ex) is very important on installations in the Energy Sector. Regular maintenance ensures the safe and efficient operation of your equipment and assets by preventing damage, and assures compliance with international standards.

Keel performs inspections, planning and setup of all maintenance of explosion-proof electrical equipment according to requirements. We provide Ex services for the entire Energy Sector but have specialized in mobile offshore drilling units (MODU). We help the customer ensure compliance with internal company procedures as well as requirements from external stakeholders such as customers and authorities.

We provide full-circle services covering both the fieldwork on the installation as well as the data management in the maintenance system. This gives the customer a “one stop shop” experience, avoiding having to use several service companies.

Keel helps companies optimizing their Ex maintenance procedures to save cost, e.g. by de-classifying equipment.

Using customized mobile apps and workflows, Keel can offer a turnkey solution perform Ex inspections and to collect and validate data in the field.


Ex maintenance can include:

  • Identification of all Ex equipment and setting up Ex maintenance
  • Visual inspections
  • Declassification of equipment, registered as Ex
  • Updating the maintenance system
  • Retrieving, updating and attaching Ex certificates and other documentation
  • Ensuring full compliance with procedures
  • Applying ID tags to Ex equipment
  • Correcting Ex drawings, certificates and other documentation

Our CAD engineer can create Ex drawings identifying Ex maintainable items, thereby simplifying the Ex maintenance planning.

We use specialized IT tools to collect, optimize, and structure asset data.

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