Service Bill of Materials (SBOM) Management

A coherent and up-to-date Service Bill of Materials is a prerequisite of robust and timely asset maintenance

The Bill of Materials is a list of all parts, quantities and procedures in a hierarchical order that compile a finished product.

There are a few most commonly used types of Bills of Materials (BOMs) and each serves a certain purpose. Engineering BOM lists all the parts, procedures and assemblies that have been performed to manufacture a product and is essential for the manufacture launch to ensure the necessary details are available at a required stage of production. Manufacturing Bill of Materials is created when the product details are to be shipped; it includes additional information on the packaging and necessary time of purchase based on the required time of delivery.

Service BOM is a list of parts that can be maintained based on the source BOM(s) which usually are Engineering and/or Manufacturing BOM(s). It includes information about the maintainable equipment subcomponents. To correspond with the latest product version, service BOMs are regularly updated to keep up with the source BOMs that might undergo modifications or be completely substituted after a testing period or throughout the product lifetime.

Service BOM management serves as a bridge between the Engineering BOM and the technicians who are to perform maintenance. While Engineering BOM is very detailed, technicians need more succinct information about the certain parts and actions that should be executed. As the parts list is about to undergo regular changes, SBOM should be maintained and updated regularly.

Main functions of the Service BOM services are:

  • Providing guidance for maintenance technicians;
  • Monitoring and prediction of the service timing;
  • Identification of required personnel and labor;
  • Provision of technical information, i.e., Master Data (MD) and further input for Spare Parts and Interchangeability Record (SPIR).

Our experience

Keel helps its customers to maintain the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Data during design, manufacturing and operational phases of complex installations. We have processed over 1000 modifications of wind turbines, numerous drilling rigs and oil production platforms. Having over ten years of experience in service & maintenance, we help our customers to create and maintain service BOMs in order to standardize and simplify maintenance, reducing cost and increasing uptime of the asset.

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