2D (Auto CAD) Services

2D CAD services are focused on the creation and enhancement of the drawings, unveiling an improved workflow and ERP integration

Virtually any engineering project contains plants that need to be linked to the real-world objects and updated to reflect differences between as-designed and as-built solutions.

These differences complicate any brownfield project, especially modernization, creating situations treating to the economic stability of an enterprise and the life of its employees. The elimination of these differences can be achieved through drawing maintenance and update. Drawings maintenance aims at the technical alignment of the visual material with the modern system, so a drawing can be used by the state-of-the-art software solution that guides the technological process of an enterprise.

An update of a drawing is a process of changing its informational content to reflect an actual state of the industria1l unit.

Keel has experience of performing procedures of update and technical transformation of drawings.

A genuine example of a technical transformation is a Redraw which aimed at the conversion of drawings from paper or bitmap form into the vector format (DWG) regardless of the type LSD, P&ID, GA, etc. The scope of the project was about 2000 drawings of various type and complexity that ultimately were converted into AutoCAD files with the highest possible degree of integration in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software.

An updated project starts with the gathering of the information regarding the current plant state. When differences between real-life assets and documentation are detected, the drafts, made on the site, are turned into a new revision of existing documents or a new document when the difference is too significant.

Apart from the above mentioned type of digitization and update, Keel creates drawings as a part of asset integrity services such as Hose Management, NDT, and Ex Inspections and Maintenance.

During the drawing journey Keel left a train of more than 17000 drawing updated and created regardless of their type and complexity.

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