Asset Register

Being a centerpiece of digital organization, Asset Register is a key element of the Digital Transformation processes

Due to increased industry regulations and documentation requirements, maintaining large industrial installations has become a challenge. Experience tells us that Asset Registers can be usually incomplete, outdated, ”polluted” with wrong data, and thus, harmful for your business. Not only does it make you question the dependability of the data but it also implicates burdensome excessive maintenance costs.

Why create an Asset Register

A healthy Asset Register brings value to your business in a plethora of different ways. It is a directory of the enterprise assets that includes information about their quantity, location, condition and demand. If created and maintained as required, it tremendously facilitates workflow, especially in multinational companies as it makes it possible to find information about all the facilities in one place. By virtue of a comprehensive Asset Register, your business will enjoy such benefits:

  • Informed decisions on prioritizing tasks
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Easier maintenance planning

Our full-cycle Asset Register services include:

  • Analysis of Company’s CMMS for content and consistency;
  • Analysis of Company’s technical documentation and its comparison with the CMMS;
  • On-site verification, line-walks and data collection on the onshore/offshore greenfield and brownfield facilities;
  • Creation of brand new Asset Registers with proven records of 60.000+ Equipment items in Asset Register built from scratch; cleansing, aligning and enriching the existing ones of the same scale;
  • Optimization of spare parts stock and warehouse management;
  • Utilization of SAP as an asset data modeling tool to enrich, structure and complete the asset registers;
  • Delivery of tested, errors-free upload data to the Company’s SAP system;
  • Further supporting services to maintain and keep the Asset Register up-to-date with all its life cycle changes;
  • Set-up of planned maintenance programs as per applicable standards, regulations and requirements;
  • Creation/update of technical documentation.

Professionals at Keel Solution have extensive hands-on experience in providing top-notch Asset Register services internationally. Contact us if you want to make sure that your business operates at its highest degree of efficiency.


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ISO 14224

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Service BOM

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