Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) Services

Safety is a prerequisite of uninterrupted performance of your assets and your business regulatory compliance

Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) is a critical part of operational maintenance particularly in the Oil & Gas industry. It prevents equipment from unexpected degradation, in such a way avoiding unplanned shutdowns and eradicating risks of environmental hazards.

We have a long track record of helping our clients with expert services, having worked in hose management on 4 drillships, 2 jackup rigs, 2 semisub rigs, and many more. Our team has the expertise to properly assess and rank failure probabilities and help you understand the consequences and acceptable on-site risk levels.  

We go through RBI process by doing the following procedures:

  • Master data collection – Using advanced tools and techniques, we compile a list of master data, using our own assessments and data from your operations, ensuring that our RBI is based only upon concrete, provable metrics and insights.
  • Risk assessment – Using a detailed, step-by-step process, we will assess the risk of every individual component in your plant or rig, from high-pressure containers to pumps, hoses, motors, etc.
  • Criticality matrix development (SEPC) – Using the information gathered from master data collection and risk assessment, we will develop an SEPC criticality matrix. This document outlines primary failure modes, probabilities and severities of each piece of equipment failure – as well as potentially cascading effects, and their result on your business operations. This document gives you unparalleled insight into your operational risk.
  • Classification – We classify each piece of equipment based on its level of risk and severity of a failure, allowing you to quickly get an at-a-glance overview of equipment that needs immediate servicing or replacement.
  • Scheduling of inspections and replacement – We will aid you in the creation of a comprehensive schedule for inspecting and replacing the highest-priority equipment, ensuring the safety of your workers and your company.
  • Task list creation – Here we outline less immediate and urgent operational issues, which provides further insights on what maintenance and other steps need to be taken in order to streamline your operations.
  • Ensure equipment reliability while optimizing costs – We make repair, replacement, and service recommendations with an eye towards ensuring that your systems are reliable, while attempting to keep the cost of repairing and replacing equipment down. We will always balance your budget with your operational needs, to provide the best of both worlds.

From initial data collection to scheduling and aiding in the servicing and replacement of major equipment, we do it all, and our RBI solutions provide complete, end-to-end service.

If you have not had an RBI in several years, chances are that your equipment, workers, and profits could be at risk – whether it’s from something as simple as a broken hose that results in an oil spill, or a cascading failure that could pose a risk to your crew and your entire vessel and company.

So get in touch with Keel Solution, and we’ll help you with your RBI, as well as a comprehensive and complete service plan that will keep your rig or ship performing perfectly for years to come.

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