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For successful digital supply chain processes, correct and complete master data is nothing but a must. However, there are far too many instances in which businesses have not implemented a proper data management solution to ensure the accuracy and completeness of their master data. This results in key decisions being made based on data which these businesses can neither see nor understand. This can compromise business intelligence – a key element in maintaining a competitive advantage in a data driven industry.

To combat this issue, Keel offers professional data management and consulting services. With Keel’s data management services, your business will find the data management plan it needs to manage and protect its most important data throughout its lifecycle – and to thrive in the global marketplace.

What is data management?

There are many different areas within the field of data management. At Keel, we specialize in master data management. Master data is a single set of standardized core information shared across a company. It includes information about all the entities in an enterprise, such as customers, sites, suppliers, vendors, materials, etc., making it vital for analytical decision making and planning.

Data management is the process of ensuring that your master data is always accurate and up to date. This ensures that the business will always be working with – and basing its important decisions on – the “best version of the truth”: a single version of current, up-to-date, “true” information.

There are many steps involved in data management. It involves data ingestion – the process of obtaining and importing data for immediate use or for database storage – and repropagating data into different systems. The process requires the right tools, and these are what Keel’s data management services offer.

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Benefits of choosing data management services

Keel has over ten years of experience collecting and maintaining master data from various sources. This includes physical verification across the globe, documentation gathering and processing, contacting suppliers, working with catalogs and much more.

There are many benefits to choosing data management services. Data management provides your business with a way of measuring how much data is in play. It gives managers a holistic overview of the business and helps with both perspective and planning.

Other benefits of our data management services include:

  • Meeting and aligning with relevant compliance standards, saving time, money and other resources
  • Reducing operational costs by utilizing only the necessary storage resources and computer power required for optimal performance
  • Powering automatic and continuous improvement by enabling machine learning to grow more environmentally aware over time 

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Our data management and consulting services approach

We have noticed the following issues our customers faced with managing data prior to being introduced to data management and consulting services:

  • Data inconsistency and duplication
  • Inability to find necessary information
  • Referencing irrelevant data as master data

These issues occur due to manual entering of information and the absence of a holistic approach to data management across the whole company. Therefore, it is essential to merge the same information that may repeat in different databases in various forms.

At this point we act cautiously since matching false duplicates can cause data loss, whereas omitting real matches that might bear some resemblance, will continue polluting the data lists. If it’s impossible to deploy complicated automatic scripts and tools for this task, we perform a scrupulous engineering analysis.

After completion of master data cleansing and verification, we create a hierarchical system for all of its components. It is crucial for the information to be grouped logically to be easily found and managed.

As there are a plethora of ways to manage and group data, at Keel we create a specific approach to every customer, taking into account the industry and the project needs. This way, you are guaranteed that the data management services you choose are tailored to your needs.

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