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Ex Equipment at the Right Time in the Right Place

Olena Ilyina, Technical Assistant Ex equipment is devices that shall working after Emergency shut-down on the Rig. For example these could be speakers or alarms that are called to inform rig crew: “Something goes wrong, people should be evacuated and rig team should take appropriate precautions”. Another type of Ex Equipment is the electrical devices designed so that […]

Safety Critical Elements and Performance Standards

Keel has partnered with Norwegian ORS Consulting to provide integrated services for the management of Safety Critical Elements (SCE) in the asset-intensive industries. ORS is a specialist consultancy providing technical risk management services. Keel offers expert knowledge in the field of asset data management. We tailored our services to offer our customers a comprehensive range of […]

Keel Featured in Inside Oil & Gas

Keel is featured in the recent edition of Inside Oil & Gas, a major publication in the industry. The article is called “Optimizing Maintenance Data Stemming Oils Cash Bleed” (pp. 46-49) and focuses on, how Keel can assist companies in the Oil & Gas Industry to significantly cut costs by better maintenance planning, outsourcing their […]

Keel Hose management in South Africa
Hose Management Project in South Africa

Jákup Sørensen, Product Manager, Mobility Solutions KEEL Nazar Fihun, Marketing Assistant KEEL Keel offers consultancy and mobility solutions to companies in the Energy Sector within the field of asset data management. Those include services and tools that help to register, classify, optimize and structure technical asset data, before it is synchronized with the customer’s own […]

DWG-SVG-drawing conversion
How to Breathe Life into the SVG Drawings

Sergiy Hrytsay, CAD Engineer Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine any eye-catching web-site without animation. However, animated technical drawings are difficult to find. But why can’t we breathe life into general arrangement drawings (GA), piping and instrument diagrams (P&ID) and so on? It would be interesting and more effective to present these drawings dynamically as […]

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Moving Towards Predictive Maintenance with Big Data

Atli Joensen Big Data in Maintenance With the world going online with the IoT (Internet of things) and Big Data – also known under the broad term, Industry 4.0 – organizations in the asset-intensive industry are challenged to have a strategy in place on how this huge amount of data collected throughout the assets lifecycles […]

Visiting the Vattenfall Surveillance Center in Esbjerg

It was inspiring to visit the Vattenfall Surveillance Center in Esbjerg – one of the biggest wind turbine surveillance centres in northern Europe – where they are monitoring Vattenfall’s entire fleet of wind turbines in Denmark, Germany, Britain and Holland. They are monitoring the SCADA system and other Level 1 systems 24/7 that gather sensor […]

Seminar: EAM and Mobility in the Asset-intensive Industry
Seminar: EAM and Mobility in the Asset-intensive Industry

On the 7. April, we will conduct an exiting seminar at the Keel headquarters in Copenhagen with very relevant and contemporary topics within EAM (Enterprise Asset Management): Mobility in the asset intensive industry – doing digital inspections, w. Jákup Sørensen, Product Manager, Mobility Solutions in Keel SIL (Safety Integrity Level) in SAP EAM, w/ Ivan […]

Seminar: Planned Maintenance Survey (PMS) for Machinery

Keel will host a seminar in the Danish Maintenance Society (DDV) – a non-profit nationwide network of managers and technical specialists. DDV arranges conferences, seminars, and network meetings focusing on subjects like operational optimization, and Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM). The subject of the seminar will be Planned Maintenance Survey (PMS) for machinery, which is a survey […]

New Customer: Siemens Wind Power

Keel has been hired by Siemens Wind Power Service to lead a pilot project to improve the way master data is structured and configured in their SAP system. The experience from the pilot project will be used to create a scope for cleaning up and structuring asset data for the remaining Siemens global wind turbine […]


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