Hose Management Project in South Africa

Jákup Sørensen, Product Manager, Mobility Solutions KEEL
Nazar Fihun, Marketing Assistant KEEL

Keel Hose management in South Africa

Keel offers consultancy and mobility solutions to companies in the Energy Sector within the field of asset data management. Those include services and tools that help to register, classify, optimize and structure technical asset data, before it is synchronized with the customer’s own business data in their Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Most off the services are based on the applications developed by Keel. Keel employs around 140 technical engineers and IT developers that work both on- and offshore and is represented in five different countries.

The South African Hose Management Project

The project was divided into three phases. The first phase was data collection of hoses. Technicians from Keel were sent out to the rig before yard stay to identify and measure the hoses that have to be replaced according to customer needs.

The second phase, yard stay, includes the replacement of prefabricated hoses and dismantling, fabricating and mounting of optional hoses identified during yard stay inspection. All hoses have been tagged with RFID’s that provide possibilities, via Hose App, to keep track of hoses through dismantling, fabricating, testing and mounting. The third and final step of the project includes the delivery of all collected data to the customer’s CMMS.

The Challenge

As yard stays typically are cost expensive, the duration of the project should not exceed 30 days. However, working on offshore rigs can be quite challenging as the amount and placement of hoses can be quite unmanageable. Challenges that can occur are:

  • No proper communication tool at the yard
  • Limited overview of fittings
  • Not a clear overview of dismantled hoses
  • Time restrictions according to supply delays
  • Missing Certificates for FHA´s (flexible hose assembly)

The Solution

The app enables one to track the full cycle of hose replacement – from dismantling, assembling new hose, testing hoses, registering test certificates and hose data, and installing new hoses. The app ensures that:

  • All hoses are installed and properly tagged with physical tags and RFID´s that are connected with Master Data in the customer’s CMMS
  • Master data is collected correctly
  • The flushing and pressure test certificates for each hose are registered properly.

The app tracks completed steps in a workflow and manages collected data (pictures, BOM components, test certificates etc.), which can both be reported immediately in real-time in a PDF report generator based on standard templates and be viewed on a web interface.

This way of working brings with it the opportunity for improved decision making, enhanced mobile worker collaboration, and new levels of efficiency and collected data quality related to work tasks performed in hazardous areas.


For Keel it was especially important that the data collection for the pre-fab scope phase (phase 1) could be accomplished. The outcome of the South African Hose Management Project includes benefits for both, Keel and its customer. Working with the Hose Management Application makes it easier and faster for Keel to complete the project, as all the data is available in real-time and in high quality.

The data can also be used for future projects for the same customer. It enables the customer to have a full overview of the entire hose registry. The registry includes all the relevant information, in order to secure that hoses are fully functional and comply with safety standards. Another part of Keel’s deliverables is to give the customer a full overview of vendors that can supply the customer with the hoses they need.

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